Deep Dive Discussions: Diversity

Deep Dive Discussions - March 2018: Diversity

Join us this month for the next installment of our Deep Dive Discussions series. This month’s topic is Diversity, and we have been working with the SUNY Potsdam Diversity Inclusion Action Coalition (DIAC) outreach subcommittee to prepare a few separate programs to dive deep into our topic:

Beheading General Lee: Confederate Flags and Monuments with Dr. Sheila McIntyre
Mon, Mar 12, 4:30 PM in the Village Community Room

The Confederate Flag flew from State Capitol buildings, once adorned the hood of the "General Lee" car on a popular TV show, and was used by a shooter who killed nine Black people in a church. Statues of Confederate Generals sit on many public spaces throughout the Southern states. The Confederacy elicits pride and disgust in nearly equal measure depending on who you ask. But historical commemoration -- including flags and statues -- have their own histories.  Those contexts complicate what we think we know about historical memory. Why are they put up and what happens when a new generation wants to take them down? Please RSVP by email

It’s All About The Vitamins: The Biology of Skin Color, Race and Ethnicity with Dr. Nasser Malit
Wed, Mar 21, 12 PM in the Village Community Room

This talk is intended to introduce the audience to better understand the meaning and biology of skin color differences in humans. Other broader examples of traits that cause human variation and alternates to racism are discussed in a lively and casual environment. This discussion will significantly help the audience in appreciating why physical differences are important. The goal is to make the audience aware and be part of the wider conversations around the country about the topics of race and racism. All are welcome! Please RSVP by email

Round Table Discussion on Diversity
Fri, Mar 23, 12 PM in the Village Board Room

Lauren Rosenthal from North Country Public Radio will lead a group discussion about diversity in the North Country. Participants to be announced soon. All are welcome to join us for this recorded discussion. For more information, email