LIFE Heads to Glasgow for Literacy Conference

It started with college students…

Dr. Lynn Hall from SUNY Potsdam’s Department of Literacy and I headed to the UK on Monday to do some literacy research and speak at the UK Literacy Association Annual Conference. The path to this adventure is paved with relationships and a steady partnership between colleagues.

You may notice a steady stream of young adults in the library on any given day. Not too surprising. The Pew Research Center recently reported that over fifty percent of millennials, ages 18-35, claim to have used the public library in the past year. At some points in the year, however, there are larger groups of students, a result of an ongoing partnership that PPL has had with SUNY Potsdam since 2005. We’re in the business of introducing new teachers and their future students to the great collections in the public library.

So, here we are in Glasgow, sharing about our partnership and finding new ideas for our LIFE program. Expect some exciting things.

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