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lit·er·a·cy  ˈlidərəsē,ˈlitrəsē/

The ability to read and write; Competency or knowledge in a specified area.A Happy English as a Second Language Student

Literacy, in both senses, is the core of our business. (Mission: Improve the lives of our users through information, education, and recreation.) Our primary focus is to provide the necessary tools (teachers, materials, equipment, space) for you to pursue any kind of literacy that inspires you, whether it's gaining competency in resume-writing or gardening, learning a new language, or learning to read. That's why we've created a whole Department dedicated to Literacy. We call it LIFE (Literacy Is For Everyone) because it's that important.

Life: Literacy is for Everyone at the Potsdam Public library

Adult Basic Literacy and ESL: English Language Learners

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Shelfies at the Potsdam Public Library
"Shelfies"  are small caches of FREE books located in 60 different businesses around St. Lawrence County.

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If you'd like to donate your gently used books to the Shelfie program, please email us.