A man using the Davinci Reader

Everything is Large Print with Our DaVinci Reader!

The DaVinci Reader is a tool that magnifies anything you put under it. It displays any object at the magnification level of your choice. Perfect for readers with low vision, but also useful for intricate crafts like needlework, jewelry-making, etc. Give us a call or email us for more information.


The library has a large collection of books on CD with new additions every month, and we offer access to hundreds of audiobooks through Overdrive. Search our catalog for audiobooks, or give us a call for a recommendation. Overdrive titles can be found here.

Parking and Elevators

15 minute parking is available in front of the library on Park Street. For longer visits, you may park in the lot behind the library. The parking lot entrance is off of Main Street next to the fire department. Handicapped parking spaces are available in this lot with close access to the Civic Center's rear lobby. The elevator is located to the right of the stairs in the Civic Center rear lobby.