Graphic Novels

Graphic novels image with a super hero racing past the selection of graphic novels at the library

Located in the front of the library, you can't miss this section bursting with action and color with dynamic stories for all ages, from comics to sophisticated and complex novels, and an assortment of manga series.

Graphic Novels are not a genre; they are a format, and that format has a little bit of something for everyone. Are there classics that you’ve thought about tackling only to be daunted by prose from another era? Add pictures to stories like the Odyssey or Beowulf and these tales practically read themselves.


Battle of the Books 2019

Picture of the Rabid Readers, book battle silver winners

Potsdam's Rabid Readers took home silver at the North Country Regional Battle of the Books in Gouverneur on May 4, 2019!

The 2019 Battle of the Books has wrapped up. Look for the 2020 list to be released in the fall. The information below will be updated when the 2020 list is releaed.


The North Country Battle of the Books is a competition similar to whiz quiz games in which teams compete to answer questions based on a set book list. The Battle is open to students in 4-6th grade.



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