Reserve a Room

In the Cleveland Center, located on the lower floor of the Civic Center under the main library, we have a small interview room, the Partner Lab and a larger multi-purpose room, the Group Lab, that can seat from 8 to 12 people comfortably.

Partner Lab

Ideal for one-on-one conversations or for individual use, enjoy uninterrupted focus in an office of your own, meet a client for a private conversation, or take a proctored exam. 

Group Lab

The multi-purpose room lives up to its name with a variety of uses. It is the classroom where our digital literacy classes are held. North Country Matters is filmed here. The St. Lawrence Arts Council's lighting equipment is used here. Library Board meetings take place here. Various technology is available for use in the multi-purpose room including a projector, a Lifesize Video Conference setup, professional lighting, microphones, and cameras. Make a reservation for your next group meeting.

Reservation Fees

For individuals using our space for personal use, there is no charge aside from a cleaning fee if your event will involve food.

When our space is used for business purposes, the rate is $25 for the first two hours and $10 for each hour thereafter. Additional fees apply for technology set-up and/or assistance. Non-profits using our space for activities intended to generate income or solicit donations will be charged the business rate.

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